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→ Mitch Hurwitz Inks Multi-Year Deal With Netflix For New Series


Mitch Hurwitz is staying in the Netflix fold with a multi-year deal. Under the multi-tier agreement, the Arrested Development creator will create and produce new original series, develop projects with other creators as a non-writing executive producer and consult with Netflix on comedy series. 

Clearing out my drafts, this seemed like a gem

I woke up, or at least I thought I did, in a pool of sweat most men would drown in. There was a palpable tension in my body, my stomach wrought with an anxiety I had not yet been acquainted with. I certainly was no stranger to anxiety. I think it’s a product of the world we live in, maybe even our chief export.

The room was dark aside from the sliver of light that crept in through the thick curtain, painting a faint light on the ceiling letting me know that I had not gone blind. Fleeting thoughts flow from the precipice of my concentration back down to their home in my sub conscious dungeon. I keep them there until I fall asleep, from there they play out embarrassing vignettes that turn my stomach sour.

I sit there, in the dark, and wonder, “Do other people feel like this, am I as alone as I’ve led myself to be?” I half-heartedly hope that I’m not, even though my otherwise reclusive nature would have me believe otherwise.

Just then a familiar face appears and the once barren room is radiating what can only be described as daylight set on fire. Her mouth opened to speak some wisdom from a far-off land, her hands reaching out to me as if to offer some apathetic gesture. Just as the lip movements make their way past my eyes to my brain to be unscrambled and rescrambled in a way I can comprehend, there’s another voice telling me none of it’s real.

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